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Qwaider Planet is a collection of amazing blogs that relate to the Arabic culture
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Qwaider Planet

Your favorite Arabic blog aggregator and community, brings your fresh blogs daily, Hot from the writers blogs to your desktop


Qwaider Planet has a very simple policy, kindly follow the following guidelines and you will make a fantastic planeteer

Guidelines (not rules)

  1. You must have a valid RSS feed. Every modern blogging software currently has this and almost all generate it automatically. If you have issues with this consider using one of the tools that generate valid RSS feeds from web pages.
  2. You feed must not break the functionality of Qwaider Planet, intentionally or unintentionally. Your feed will be suspended immediately and without prior notice
  3. You articles are related to the Arabic culture, issues, countries. Preferably in Arabic or English
  4. You are using original content (not copy-and-paste)
  5. Your articles should contain (generally) some content. Preferably no single video, single picture post with no text.
  6. Play nice, your posts should not contain any hate speech or personal attacks on others. Attacking ideas is always allowed
  7. No single line articles
  8. Respect other's copyrights
  9. No offensive words, pictures, material, inappropriate for family consumption
  10. Does not exceed 3 to 4 posts per day. Unless it's the exception
  11. Please do not combine your feed with your Delicious, Flickr, youtube channel, facebook updates, Twitter, ad-injection or anything like that. Your feed will be disabled immediately until the feed to A "Blog" is created.
    1. However, I do encourage you to join any number of blogs you have in one feed to make it easier for Qwaider Planet, and you to administer


  1. Your personal information will never be shared or disclosed to others
  2. Your Email address will never be shared, or sold to any third party
  3. You may occasionally receive some Email from the site administrators for general/public announcements.


  1. While Qwaider Planet will do every possible attempt to clean up the content of the articles by replacing offensive words with censored versions. Some might possibly slip. This is out of the control of Qwaider Planet.
  2. Submission doesn't guarantee acceptance to Qwaider Planet. A reason would usually be given
  3. The articles, content, ideas, claims, recommendations, suggestions and ALL content in any article are the sole properties of the respective owner. Qwaider planet claims no ownership or affiliation with the content and doesn't recommend, promote, suggest, endorse or guarantee any of the content.
  4. This is an AS-IS service free. Qwaider Planet no fault for any damages incurred by the reader or the planeteer caused directly or indirectly by Qwaider planet or service issues
  5. Service and content may change at any time and without advance notice
  6. Blogs/Articles in violation of guidelines may be subject to deletion, alteration, suspension or removal from the planet without advance notice. Owners may also be subject to banning. On severe misbehavior occasions the authorities will be notified
  7. A miss behaving user might get suspended, banned temporarily, permanently or evicted from the planet. Warnings will be sent in advance, but at the sole discretion of Qwaider planet
  8. There are no Blog-cops here, material presented is up to the site owners discretion and may be removed without prior warning
  9. You might get a warning prior to removal of offensive materials, but due to the speed of articles being posted some may slip
  10. Violation of the policy may be grounds for deletion of individual posts, or removal from the site



  1. Add a link to Qwaider Planet
  2. Do post at least once a day
  3. Be original
  4. Interact with others
  5. Visit Qwaider Planet frequently
  6. Allow trackbacks/pingbacks from Qwaider Planet on your blog
  7. Inform Qwaider planet if you change your RSS feed, Blog, Hosting, Update to Beta Blogger, Your articles are not showing
  8. Allow Qwaider Planet access to you server if you have "Bad behavior" add on
  9. When you sign in for the first time, take a minute to update your information. You may also include your web-page, blog, avatar and other personal details

Post script Disclaimer, this document is subject to change without prior notice


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All rights reserved. Opinions and ideas presented by blog owners are the their sole responsibility. Qwaider Planet can not be held accountable for any material that might be deemed inappropriate. This is a free service.
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